Cheater X Reader Stories

Cheater X Reader Stories

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Diabolik Lovers!

Soul Eater 

Black Butler


Ouran HIGH-SCHOOL Host Club

Kaichou wa maid-sama 

Vampire Knight

Fairy Tail

GeekyTheFreakyPie GeekyTheFreakyPie Nov 06, 2016
Me : *dark aura* Har....u....
                              Haru : shiz....IZZZZZZZ *runs for the door*
                              Me : *appears behind him* Haaaarrrrr...u...
                              Haru: *girly scream*
Kanchet_Cel-sama Kanchet_Cel-sama Nov 10, 2016
Simple, because the wrong guys say and do all the right things
TchCaptianLevi TchCaptianLevi May 22, 2016
Wut I'm pregnant?! Why would I be cutting if I was pregnant? Oh well....
Mousie100 Mousie100 Aug 26, 2016
I thought he'd probably be cheating on me with water.........
AnimeMusicFreak321 AnimeMusicFreak321 Oct 26, 2016
He's cheating on reader-chan with water ;-;. Still a better story than twilight.