Love is an Adventure (A Buck X Reader Fanfic) #FictionAwards

Love is an Adventure (A Buck X Reader Fanfic) #FictionAwards

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I smell Christmas By Chaos-shy Completed

Y/N is a adventures, mischievous, and daring weasel. She was found by Ellie, and the possums at a young age, when she lost her family. 
Along the way she has grown to love  danger, and just having fun. (Probably spends to much hanging out with Crash and Eddie) She met Manny, Diego, And Sid, and ever since then she has become part of their herd. 

That was until Sid stole some dinosaurs eggs, and got himself in a terrible situation. Which led Y/N to travel with the herd to save Sid, and get home. Maybe, even finding love on the way~
Yes I know this description sucks, but I promise you the book is MUCH better than it sounds...I hope.

Tittle pic doesn't belong to me.

Name: Samantha (like being called Sammy)
                              Fur color: dark brown!
                              Eye color: brown 
                              Fur style: smooth as conditioner
                              Fur length: short!
                              Siblings name: Sabrina (younger sister)
Candie-senpai Candie-senpai 19 hours ago
Name: Candor
                              Fur color: Snow white
                              Eye color: Chesnut Brown
                              Fur like hair thing: Short and spikey, frames head like a picture
                              Fur length: (at rest of body) short
Name: Brianna
                              Fur color: pure white
                              Eye color: blue eyes
                              Fur style: smooth
                              Fur length: short
                              Siblings name: Edgar and Ricky
Nic363 Nic363 Nov 27
To defeat the hun.
                              Did they send me daughters?
                              When I asked for sons.
                              You're the saddest bunch I've ever met
                              But you can bet, before its through,
                              MISTER I'LL MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU!!!