The Undoing of Flip Foster 💻

The Undoing of Flip Foster 💻

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Cliff Jones Jr. By CliffJonesJr Completed

Flip Foster is a perpetual student. He's already earned a doctorate in linguistics, but instead of beginning his career, he's working on a master's in computer science--and sinking deeper into debt.

He's also an aspiring hacktivist working to expose the truly creepy level of personal data being collected by MeFirst, a popular online shopping app. One night, he receives a surreal visit from Lucky Ferris, the company's founder and CEO. Flip will be granted the access he wants, provided he waits at least one week before going to the press.

Why would Lucky make such a generous deal with Flip when he could simply have him arrested? What will Flip do with his newfound abilities? How far can he go before there's no turning back? What is real, and what is only in his head?

This story is a loose retelling of the legend of Dr. Faust, in which a man frustrated by his own limitations calls upon dark forces for assistance.

Length: 10,800 words, 43 pages