Kyoya's Little Sister  (OHSHC)

Kyoya's Little Sister (OHSHC)

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Duck By shy_musical_sound Updated Oct 22, 2016

Kamiko Ootori is the youngest in her family with her three older brothers. She's never really been close to any of them , but if she had to pick her favorite it would be Kyoya the youngest of her older brothers. 

Although he always was striving to move up and please his father he always seemed to make time to play and take care of his Imouto-chan. 

When Kamiko's  father sends her to Ouran High School to get her out of his hair she gets to spend more time with her very busy Onii-san and his weird yet interesting Host Club! 

We'll see you then ~えっま✌️

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Nummy122 Nummy122 Jul 17, 2016
Okay, yellow dresses are fine. But, bananas are not something you should wear in school.