The Wishing Fallacy (The Vendetta Series: Book One)[REWRITING]

The Wishing Fallacy (The Vendetta Series: Book One)[REWRITING]

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(This book is now being edited. It may take a long while to finish, so be warned, some things will be out of place and won't add up. Chapters currently being worked on will be marked with ✖️and edited chapters will be marked with ✔️. Read at your own risk!)

-Book One-

"You can't do shit to me," Belle spat out, but her shaking voice betrayed how scared she really was. The woman had just nearly made Belle drunk on just her presence, ready to be devoured right then and there. Her hands clenched around the sheets, attempting to anchor her body to something concrete- real. She wasn't convinced that she wasn't hallucinating.

The demon saw through Belle's front easily. "Oh, probecita," she murmured mockingly, running a claw across Belle's breast. It caught on her nipple and she twisted it until it hardened through her shirt and Belle gasped in pain. "I can smell your fear. You have no idea what I can do to you, and I'll make you beg for every second of it."


Rosabelle St. John just wants to keep her little brother alive and her family intact. 

But, her wishes are proving futile as she watches her parents glide further and further apart and her little brother continues deteriorating right in front of them. You never dream that you'd have to bury such a huge part of your heart at such a young age, but it's only a matter of time before eleven year old Claude succumbs to the tumor taking over his brain. 

Or, it was, until a stranger with the eyes of the devil himself gives Belle an offer she can't afford to refuse: her wish granted. 

Of course, nothing comes without a price, and this one might just cost her her life.

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missXstreet missXstreet Jun 23, 2017
Oh gosh seriously both of my colleagues name Lol I have to remind myself to change their name Brinda and Naomi
Raypaul14 Raypaul14 Aug 15, 2017
Wait... Where are her thoughts about paintings??? And why is she thinking differently about Nora? Do you know what?? Its COOOOLLLLLL..... I LOVE IT...
Girl. Wash your hands. What the hell, even if you hadn't had sex just before come there.
arcticfaux arcticfaux May 22, 2017
That's the kind of thing that bugs me, people write great books, make beautiful art or something along those lines and they don't think it's good enough to sell. I got done reading a book yesterday that would have never been written if people hadn't pushed the author and I loved it.
_nicolangford_ _nicolangford_ Aug 16, 2017
When I read it earlier after you updated it or was the same... Now it's completely different..... 😁😅
testfemale testfemale Jun 10, 2017
I don't know why but it's like the beginning of the book and I feel like I'm I love with the main character