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The Wishing Fallacy (The Miracle Series: Book One)

The Wishing Fallacy (The Miracle Series: Book One)

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-Book One-

Belle swallowed thickly. The lump in her throat threatened to turn into an upheaval of her dinner. She had to do this; there were no options left. She closed her eyes, breathing in the frigid air like she would never be outside again. After she spoke the words grating in her throat, she probably never would. Who knows what Maram had in store for her? "Deal," Belle finally wheezed.

Belle didn't need to see Maram smile, she heard it- the malicious sound of her lips curling back into a smirk and unsheathing her sharpened teeth. Maram's arms squeezed Belle's waist tighter, binding the girl ever closer to her like a pair of chains. 

"Oh, you poor, stupid girl."


Rosabelle St. John is finally going to start her life. She graduated high school two weeks ago, got her acceptance letter from the California Institute of the Arts, and has plans to travel to Italy during the summer with her beautiful girlfriend, Nora. Everything is going right...until an unexpected hurdle is thrown at her family- and they can't dodge it. 

Her entire family falls apart, and she would do anything to save it. And It is exactly this desperation that draws one of the most dangerous creatures in the world right to her. 

Now Belle is about to find out if wishes really do come true.

testfemale testfemale Jun 10
That sound like a great way to let someone down .... I'll be taking this hope u don't mine me Mr/miss/Mrs author
missXstreet missXstreet Jun 23
Oh gosh seriously both of my colleagues name Lol I have to remind myself to change their name Brinda and Naomi
arcticfaux arcticfaux May 22
That's the kind of thing that bugs me, people write great books, make beautiful art or something along those lines and they don't think it's good enough to sell. I got done reading a book yesterday that would have never been written if people hadn't pushed the author and I loved it.
Loizeaux Loizeaux May 02
First sensibly committed person I've seen yet in any of these fics 😂
LadyGrimes LadyGrimes Jun 12
I haven't gotten this far in this story and I already love her.
testfemale testfemale Jun 10
I don't know why but it's like the beginning of the book and I feel like I'm I love with the main character