-\:/- Garrance -\:/- LaurenceXGarroth

-\:/- Garrance -\:/- LaurenceXGarroth

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Hiss •4• By RedThePancake Completed

Hey, this is my first fanfic I'm guessing. Spelling might be bad but ok
Contains some BoyxBoy (full on sinner)
Kissing (Or slightly making out ;) )
And slight cussing

-:| Eñjøÿ My Child =) |:-

If any of my friends are reading this, for example: Lauren and Jaxon, I'm not sorry ahahuhuaa Q 7Q;

MARY1359 MARY1359 Jul 17
*shaking violently cuz she's already fangirling for some reason XD*
Oh my gosh, I am so blind. I didn't even see chapter 2(real one)😆