Manan Forever?

Manan Forever?

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"Don't you love me?" Manik said in a sad note, face-to-face with Nandini who was a few inches away from him.

"No!" Nandini said directly looking into his eyes with an expressionless face.

"You know that you can't lie." He said in a hurt voice expecting her to change her answer which almost pierced his heart.

"And you know that you can't force me to say 'I love you' even if I don't really do." She said. 

And with that she pushed him and attempted to walk out of the room only to be stopped by Manik who held her hand.

"I promise Nandini if you walked out of this room now, than I will never come back to you." Manik said looking down at the floor in an angry and hurt tone where  Nandini was facing her back to him.
Was Nandini had the power to leave him FOREVER?

Even if she didn't love Manik than what will happen to Manik who wanted her more than his own life?

Will Nandini leave Manik again in that dark world from which once she pulled him out?

Will their love last forever?

Is love meant to lose oneself?

**to get the above answers take a look at this book**

By A.S.

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