Black Worm

Black Worm

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Home isn't always where the heart is.

Poignant with subtle humour and satire, Black Worm is about two brothers trapped in a life of neglect by their repugnant parents, dreaming of what it truly means to be a family.

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JWCMaher JWCMaher Aug 09, 2017
I can picture just sitting beside this kid as she rambles on about her story, about her stinky brother, and her odd parents. She sounds like she loves her ma and pa, just doesn't know what to make of them half the time.
-dearestdeath- -dearestdeath- Aug 11, 2017
So wonderfully written... and I can hear their heavy accents and think their thoughts and those metaphors are the best!
JWCMaher JWCMaher Aug 09, 2017
Nice character voice, and you're doing it well. Dialects can be tough, but you're handling it.
PrettyMorena PrettyMorena Jul 27, 2017
When you come to the humor section but end up feeling nothing but melancholy 😔
northerrnlights_ northerrnlights_ Jul 17, 2017
Hey, would you like to enter our awards? It'd be great if you did.
thehorrorenthusiast thehorrorenthusiast Jul 24, 2017
First chapter and I get a glimpse of these brothers' lives. Wanna read more. :)