Soldier of Light (Weiss X M!Reader)

Soldier of Light (Weiss X M!Reader)

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Well I have done Ruby now it's the Ice queen's turn.

Cover art is NOT mine. Link to the original artist is linked here.

Also i do not own RWBY or it's characters.

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Epicsans213 Epicsans213 May 12
Why are we on guard duty instead of with the girls *looks at yang*
*yells* shouldn't u be busy with Qrow.....winter is approaching
vill47 vill47 Sep 09
You want rough * grabs giant mini gun * i'll give you rough * start shooting uncontrollably and Unpredictability *
*sweats* uhhhhhhhh........? UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......... UMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Ok I buy us blocking Winter but Qrow......stretching a bit far but he wasn't trying so it shall be