fairy lights | stiles stilinski [01] [editing]

fairy lights | stiles stilinski [01] [editing]

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[Book one]



❝Am I alive? Or am I alive for the sake of a higher power?-❞

One who chase after illusions, they sometimes tends not to realise what's right infront of them.
Ethereal she was, a sight for sore eyes, not a lily but a plain daisy - soft white washed petals, peeling off with every sunrise, yet beautiful - to some.
Alice Devlin was a monument, embedded with emeralds on golden vapor, built from the scratch of a black obsidian stone.

It all began with illusions. Her head too high in the clouds, too high that illusions became her reality. But, it was that one night, freezing winds and rustling trees led her straight to her mighty fall - an illusion turned to real life.
It was the day Alice knew that sometimes, even though one did not believe in, did not mean it did not exist.

And it did exist, wonderland it was. But nothing stays permanent, not even wonderland.

❝-Or am I dead? Am I just a memory?❞

[Teen wolf]
[Season 03]
[Stiles Stilinski]
[Copyrights © 2016 Darsha]

So did Liam he probably hit his head way too hard thats y he went out with Hayden ☕️🐸
I have a solution for those hunny it's called sleep and eye drops
LittleWriterTwinkle LittleWriterTwinkle Jul 27, 2016
I love the d
                              the hOle
obuchi_m obuchi_m Jan 02
You know whats so funny right now is that mad hatter by Melanie Martinez just started playing
nottpose nottpose Nov 12, 2016
if you awkwardly smile and stay quiet, we could get out this.
Reminds me of frozen. When the trolls would blink twice when it got awkward