Homeschooled Girls ✔️

Homeschooled Girls ✔️

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Homeschooled Girls

about a girl,
who knew nothing of the world,
except what she read about it.


To be edited.

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nephilimsaucee nephilimsaucee Apr 28, 2017
                              MY BABIES!!!!!! i'm legit listening to their album.
RaijinVolkov RaijinVolkov Sep 06, 2017
Ahahaha... Dear children, I lost all innocence before I left the sixth grade.
lePopcornLover lePopcornLover Dec 23, 2016
Dang! Does she not do any extra activities with other homeschoolers?!?!?!
irxdeo irxdeo Dec 16, 2016
Normal is great. Till you get there. Then you realise how overrated it is. 
                              Somehow I understand this on such a deep level but I'm not homeschooled, I'm not socially anxious, I'm not antisocial... But somehow I get it!
bekahnatalia bekahnatalia Dec 17, 2016
i'm already loving this book. i can't stand the fact people think all home schoolers are much more antisocial than those who go to a public school.
thiswriterlives thiswriterlives Sep 23, 2016
I'm homeschooled and this is literally me 😭
                              I'm so sad...