Suicidal And Adopted - Septiplier

Suicidal And Adopted - Septiplier

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dad By Jayvuur Completed

Jack is adopted by a well known men, You've guessed it Mark.
The kidnapping is coming to an end or is already ended, So a new book is here i hope you will enjoy.


cover art isn't mine

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ShaodwSingz ShaodwSingz Aug 20, 2017
So hot I just can't die all I know is everybody loves me! 😜 lol sorry I just felt like singing my fav song
Emo_Cat31 Emo_Cat31 Jun 19, 2017
NO!! NOW HOW ARE THE SUPPOSED TO FU- I mmeeaaaannnn....never mind...o-o
Derkiploor Derkiploor Aug 26, 2017
This has a lot of grammar mistakes and it's driving me nuts. If you need help I'm an editor, I can always edit if you ask.
whiskywix whiskywix Jul 22, 2016
Are they the same age or something in this story because I wants something to happen and it's not what you think u dirty tumblr freaks
littlecrecsentmoon littlecrecsentmoon Sep 25, 2016
I hate suicidal thoughts. I've thought about it before, but then someone told me that killing yourself doesn't get rid of your pain, it only passes it on to others. That's the only thing that's really keeping me here.
Luna_Snow_MD_PDH Luna_Snow_MD_PDH May 20, 2016
Love u so much! I think your books are amazing! Never stop writing!