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Danielle Forrest | The Eternal Scribe By theeternalscribe Updated Feb 16, 2014

**Please Note: This story is On Hold and will not have any updates for the foreseeable future**

Please don't let them discover our escape.  Not yet.  Just a little longer and we might have a chance.    

After escaping from her own personal Hell, Amara finds herself in a foreign kingdom, being called an "Angel" for saving the kingdom's only prince when she escaped. But there's something off about the kingdom of Ula, and Amara intends to find out what.    

She's tormented by her past, suffering night after night of nightmares. In daylight, she flinches at the lightest touch, and snaps at people for no reason.    

Little does she know, more people are going missing. Princes. Princesses. What's going on? And will she and the king of Ula be able to help stop it?    

This is a first draft.  Any comments are encouraged and appreciated.  Thanks!

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chaneybob chaneybob Oct 21, 2014
Another short but sweet chapter, I liked the back story you gave Amara and David. I could understand her not wanting to be found and I believed David's reaction. Having children of my own I know how resilient they can be.
theeternalscribe theeternalscribe Jul 30, 2013
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