Login Accepted - Incipere Online Book One

Login Accepted - Incipere Online Book One

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In 2049, the Singularity has emerged from the depths of the internet, and the world is better for it. Earth has entered a golden age of technology, developing wonders at a rate not seen since the Industrial Revolution. Man and machine exist together in the world with the help of integrated AR technology, and for those that aren't satisfied with the physical humdrum of Earth, the Inciperians eagerly welcome humans into their home. However even with such a bounty, the world keeps turning as it always has, and it still isn't always datum and daisies.

Just ask Athos Aramis.

After a robbery gone wrong and with his days numbered, he is forced to trade one machine-supported life for another. Thanks in part to a set of outdated guidebooks, Athos is ill-equipped for the journey and must learn to survive within a world the Singularity created for its own. As a chimera of the worlds left forgotten in cyberspace with its own gods and way of life, Incipere isn't a world to be taken lightly.

  • athos
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  • litrpg
  • login
  • magic
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NikBau3 NikBau3 Jan 11
I really liked how you used a test/application to world-build immediately. I got a great sense of this "future" world contrasted with our, the readers', here-and-now world.
AriesEye AriesEye Jan 04
January, 4, 2018, 12:24 am: two seconds before I punch my little sister.
mayorsunnie mayorsunnie Jan 10
january 10, 2018: 8 minutes before i have to walk to my bus stop.
jannahmarohom1 jannahmarohom1 May 24, 2017
Hmmm. Interesting...
                              I would like to read this until the end and find out whag will happen in the next updates. Thank you for this book anyway.
Green__Oak Green__Oak May 03, 2017
I thought so, but this confirms it. Three musketeers reference.
Congratulations! As soon as I see your books on the shelf, I'm buying a copy!