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Incipere Online: Login Accepted

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RJ_Triveri By RJ_Triveri Completed

In 2049, the world is developing technology at a rate not seen since the industrial revolution. The Singularity of technology has come, and the world is better for it. 

Man and machine live, love, and exist so closely together now that things are impossible to distinguish at times. They coexist in the world with the help of AR technology, and, for those that aren't satisfied, they welcome humans into their own.

Enter Athos, a young adult trading one world for the other whether he wants to or not. With the real world no longer an option, Athos must adapt and learn to survive within a world the Singularity created for its own from remnants of games and other worlds left forgotten in cyberspace.

Storygazer Storygazer Sep 08, 2016
Interesting phrase. Did you add this to give a 'food for thought' kind of deal to the audience?
NathanJ9987 NathanJ9987 Nov 29, 2016
Damn, I'm really glad I decided to start this!! A fantastic first chapter, really looking forward to where this goes :D
Storygazer Storygazer Sep 08, 2016
The beginning comes with kind of a shock. Didn't expect the character to be in such a bad state. 
                              You also give a lot of background info here. It helps set the mood. this information also seems like something people can repeat with their voice, give a peek into their own tragic past.
EternalDawning EternalDawning Sep 03, 2016
This story is so well written and manages to engage the audience while keeping it interesting. In first person, it appears more relateable and not overly complicated. I'm delighted to come across a story like your own, and very much wish to continue. Thank you (~ ̄▽ ̄)~