Right My Wrongs

Right My Wrongs

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My Works #4|

Not a fan fiction.

Don't you wish you could fix mistakes that happened in the past?

Meet Karin Mendez, the girl that everyone thinks is trouble and doesn't want to be around. But she's a confident, nice and outgoing person. She's the only child on her mothers side that lives with her mother far away from the rest of her family. The trouble she gets in at school daily causes a huge mishap in here life. 

Then there's Chad Jones, the known boy in the school. All the girls either want to fuck him or hang around him because he's known around the school. He plays football and hangs with an amount of friends which only consists on two. Small circles are the best circles to him. His best friend and his girlfriend. 

When the new girl shows up to the school will everything change?

Cover by: MissMakeovermycover

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i can only imagine what people go through without having their parent(s) around 💯😣
I feel like we're missing a key part of this story...something is missing
😣💔 bad news already? from the looks of it they have a GREAT relationship 💕
simbareigns simbareigns Mar 07
Just for that, i would have had to lay my hands on the principal. Tf i need to chill for? Im already expelled.
My circle small asf n people be think I don't like my own race because I hang around alot of native American n white people
KyYaFav KyYaFav Jan 20
Facts!!! My circle so small that ... idk where I was going with that honestly