Resistance -- Bellamy Blake [2 - Avery]

Resistance -- Bellamy Blake [2 - Avery]

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Hannah Rennae By imbellamysprincess Updated Oct 01

"I'm bleeding, my stitches are probably useless now, and I don't even have freaking shoes- are you listening to me?" --

After 97 years in space, 100 kids were sent to the ground. There, they found that the world ravaged by war almost a century earlier was just as easily thrown into chaos as it had been in the past.

When a war with the grounders living in the woods ends with many dead on both sides, the kids from the sky think they may finally just find the peace they had hoped for. But a new group of people make their presence known, taking in the 48 remaining survivors of the original 100 into their mountain.

For the first time since landing on the ground, there is no imminent danger or threat of death. It all seems too good to be true. With the shadows of the ones they lost hanging heavily over their heads, the kids resolve to allow themselves to trust in these mysterious new people.

But maybe that trust isn't deserved.


I am in no way claiming the majority of the ideas in the following story as mine. Most of the characters belong to the creators of The 100, and with the exception of a few minor things, so does the storyline. This story is only a fan-created fictional one and is not intended to infringe upon any copyrights. Thank you.

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riahsotps riahsotps Jun 19, 2017
for some reason i read that as the food was absolutely disgusting and i almost died of laughter
whosgotamatch whosgotamatch May 24, 2016
Honestly feel like a child waiting for Christmas waiting for avery and bellamy to reunite good Lord of light
-RiddlesQueen- -RiddlesQueen- Jan 08, 2017
Can you hear that..... it's the sound of hundreds of fangirl's hearts exploding