The Butterfly Princess?

The Butterfly Princess?

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Alpha Marie By Truealphafemale21 Completed

Macy Marie is a she-wolf. She is about to be 15. Is rejected by her mate. She then asked her brother and the alpha of the Golden Fang pack if she could have a vacation to stay with another pack. She goes and has a vacation with the Silver Claw pack. She makes lots of friends and they teach her how to defend her self with words and physical attacks. 

 Will she shift? What happens at the other pack?
What is special about her?

There will be a Sequel!!


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NicoGhostQueen NicoGhostQueen Jun 27, 2017
I saw the book cover, tapped on in with my nose and exclaimed: IS THAT QUEEN KIRA KOSARIN?!?N
Psycho_Pat Psycho_Pat Jun 04, 2016
Realy nice. Small slip up though. You mentioned her mum was so excited for her birthday.  Then you mentioned her parents were dead. But I really like it.
LaniBrazy LaniBrazy Aug 13, 2016
Finally a story when the parents die that the brother actually takes care of their sister
CharlotteCarol CharlotteCarol Mar 07, 2017
I've just got around to reading this like promised. 😊 it needs a bit of formatting with the speech, so that it's clear a different person is talking (spacing it out) but other than that it's a great start. 😄
Truealphafemale21 Truealphafemale21 Mar 07, 2017
I started this book a while ago but it gets better as I got better it was the first book I had written so it started off kind of weird lol but thanks lol
jfcuuwjdod jfcuuwjdod Jul 28, 2016
Will her accept her? Yes
                              Will she shift ? Yes
                              Will she accept him? Yes
                              What's special about her? Probs be a while rare wolf