Returned (Grillby x Reader) - Book 2

Returned (Grillby x Reader) - Book 2

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I'm cocoNUTS By bananahfart Updated Jul 09

How long has it been since he saw you last?

The year is 2021.
The monsters are free.
Everyone is happy to be above ground.
But a few monsters hold a deep sadness.

She wakes up.
She cannot remember anything.
Her head hurts trying to remember.
And who is the fireman she keeps dreaming about?

Someone twists the plot, with a severed SOUL.
They can't bear to let this story end.
Not just yet.


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KattJones4 KattJones4 Nov 22, 2016
This is hilarious cuz it's like I'm reading it in my own time (it's about 8 minutes til 3am right now!) XD
CJLullaby CJLullaby May 27, 2016
Oml I can't wait for the next chapteeeeer :0 Continue the awesome work! ;w; ~ ❤
Trash_Pit257 Trash_Pit257 May 31, 2016
aAWAwAWawAWawAWawAWawa!!11111!!!!!1!!1 TeM luV diS BOOk YaYA!
*says some random crap in a monotone voice then reads the last line* NOOOO *cries virtually*
marazoo marazoo May 31, 2016
These Oc's have no background info. And are randomly Thrown in to the chapter. Maybe take a moment to introduce them. Plus it was hard to distinguish what was happening in this chapter.
xpurple_chanx xpurple_chanx May 20, 2016
X3 I'm screaming rn of joy!! Can't wait till the next chapter this prologue is really good!!