Returned (Grillby x Reader) - Book 2

Returned (Grillby x Reader) - Book 2

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Rice By bananahfart Updated 2 days ago

How long has it been since he saw you last?

The year is 2021.
The monsters are free.
Everyone is happy to be above ground.
But a few monsters hold a deep sadness.

She wakes up.
She cannot remember anything.
Her head hurts trying to remember.
And who is the fireman she keeps dreaming about?

Someone twists the plot, with a severed SOUL.
They can't bear to let this story end.
Not just yet.


skippingstones06 skippingstones06 May 20, 2016
Reader-chan beware, author-chan and I have just created the most oc ever
Nanymus Nanymus May 20, 2016
My OC called Naned.She is in my book 5 primes,All children of the Allspark.She is in that book.
didaskale-katejon didaskale-katejon May 30, 2016
Hi I don't know if its too late but yolo: my oc is called Didaskale and he is an angel. I'm writing a story with him. Its called Save our soul. Sorry if its too late to add ocs😅😅
Pandafan007 Pandafan007 Jan 06
*says some random crap in a monotone voice then reads the last line* NOOOO *cries virtually*
QuiannaSilver QuiannaSilver May 20, 2016
My OC is called Skyla and she is a OC i use in loads of x readersxxx
iiwestcoast iiwestcoast Jun 04, 2016
Is is too effin late cuz I have an oc that was featured in a book before and I want him to come back on stage is it possible? Is not than eh it's ok bye
                                                 ~west coast