Returned (Grillby x Reader) - Book 2

Returned (Grillby x Reader) - Book 2

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Rice By bananahfart Updated Nov 25

How long has it been since he saw you last?

The year is 2021.
The monsters are free.
Everyone is happy to be above ground.
But a few monsters hold a deep sadness.

She wakes up.
She cannot remember anything.
Her head hurts trying to remember.
And who is the fireman she keeps dreaming about?

1/8th of a SOUL is not enough to survive.
Yet someone does it.
They twist and tug at the plotline.

Yet they never forget a promise.

(There also may or may not be tons of trolling... :3)

Reader-chan beware, author-chan and I have just created the most oc ever
Nanymus Nanymus May 20
My OC called Naned.She is in my book 5 primes,All children of the Allspark.She is in that book.
Hi I don't know if its too late but yolo: my oc is called Didaskale and he is an angel. I'm writing a story with him. Its called Save our soul. Sorry if its too late to add ocs😅😅
My OC is called Skyla and she is a OC i use in loads of x readersxxx
iiwestcoast iiwestcoast Jun 04
Is is too effin late cuz I have an oc that was featured in a book before and I want him to come back on stage is it possible? Is not than eh it's ok bye
                                                 ~west coast
X3 I'm screaming rn of joy!! Can't wait till the next chapter this prologue is really good!!