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This Christmas, murder doesn't take a holiday.

Madison Knight should have ignored the call. Now she is spending Christmas Eve dealing with her least favorite thing...blood and lots of it.

When a female victim is found in her home it has Madison and her partner tapping into the vic's personal life. With a rash of former business partners and lovers, all of whom wanted her dead, there are not enough hours to question them all.

But trying to find the person who had the most motive isn't all that's on Madison's mind. As she struggles to establish balance in her own life, she knows she has to get her focus back. Justice requires it.

She's a detective? I've never known a single one to have any issues with any crime scene as far as wanted to avoid specific ones (other than those involving children). No one likes death but the messier the crime scene the better. More mess means more information.
Was that last paragraph just a way of saying she was raped? Or that she was involved with the killer?
I couldn't picture what you meant here. Put both hands above his waist above holster level?
AuthorChristineBene AuthorChristineBene Jun 05, 2016
Nice prolog. I'd like to continue reading, but a little afraid I'll only get to read 6 chapters. Will there be more on wattpad?
Alee_Do Alee_Do Oct 16, 2016
I'm new in your "mistery world" and I love it... So, I'll comment a lot If it doesn't bothers
REConary REConary Jun 25, 2016
Great opener. Looks like a solid police procedural. Look forward to reading it.