the boy next door  iwaoi au

the boy next door iwaoi au

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angel-face By ayatooru Completed

in which iwaizumi got himself a cheery, fun, light-hearted and charming new neighbor, oikawa tooru.
  and he just turned out to be the right companion iwaizumi hajime needed.

                              THE GAYYY!
                              TIRED OF SEEING MY SHIPS,
                              NOT CANON!!
                              I'M, CLOSING MY EYES AND SAYING,
                              "IWAOI, BE CANON!!"
                              ... I don't know what that was
Mom you don't  even like this show or anime 
                              soo uh get out.
Me: I'm not always in my room sometimes it's jeremy's and I just came back from a fifteen minute walk.
                              Mom:You mean you went to the store
                              Me:I went out didn't I
Girl *Laughs hystericaly * *Gets serious* He's gay only lance can be Bi i'm sorry but girls aren't even attractive
karasunhoe karasunhoe Jul 17
i just yelled out woah in public and started doing it myself lmao
And, after hearing the soft voice, Iwaizumi knew. He was gay.