It's you, Derrick.

It's you, Derrick.

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Cheesyclichès By jenniferhendrawan22 Updated May 28, 2016

Rena Davis, 162 cm tall, 65kg. Yep, that's me.

They say I'm fat. Whatever, I couldn't care less. It's not like it'll prove a fact that I'm a nerd right.

Actually, I'm quite easy going with everyone that makes me popular around the school. Even if my school life isn't really the best, but it's not that bad.

Many thought that I'm actually surrounded with many friends. But in fact, the so called 'friends' is just a 'seasonal friend'. They silently hated me, spread rumors behind my back. Except for Mason Derrick and Denise.

Mason Derrick, football captain in my highschool is actually my childhood friend. I've known him like eversince I could remember. Even my parents trust him with the house key. Please don't get the bad idea.

Denise, my bestie ever since we're still in junior high. She's the only GIRL in school that actually know the best of me, except Derrick.

Anyway, just like any ordinary high school girl always like, boy crush. My crush... is the school's student council, Jeremy Ren. He still look really cute even with those glasses on. I've talked few times with him last year. I really hope that he'll notice me and be my prom party, since this is our senior year.

Since the first day of my senior year, I promise myself to grab Jeremy's attention with anything that he like to see within me.

In achieving that, I asked for my brother and friend's help. My brother, ..... Davis, is a year older than me, and also the school's basketball team's ex-captain. So yeah, he's also the 'popular guy in school'. That makes us known as 'The Popular Siblings'.

My goal is to get Jeremy's heart.

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