The Bestfriends

The Bestfriends

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BTS❤김전혜 By IcyLianne97_17 Updated May 09, 2017

Hi guys! This story is about the 14 teens that are 14 years old and are best friends since birth, very obvious on the title, I know its kinda corny but just nevermind it.

 It's about 14 teens that are born to be the next generation of gods and goddesses, especially the three girls, they are Kiara Icylyn, Sandra Waters, and Bianca Hope, they don't know that they were really sisters from an old couple that are a god and goddess because from the time they were born they were like triplets but have different faces, they were put on the doorsteps on the humans world, the three are really princesses. 

The others are Kent Firo, Sander Storms, Jelli Sky, Klein Wind, Rochelle Rose, Josh Teleportia, Shaira Shine, Miro Moons, Luxie Love, Lily Light, and Kyle Times. 

When they were already 14 years old, it's already their time to continue the missions and face the consequences of being the next generation of gods and goddesses.

The question is will they complete all of their missions together? Will they pass all the consequences?  
Will they value ones lives? Can they be inlove for each other? Will they make each other as their strength? as their inspiration? to complete the missions? and if someone is in the middle of dying? Will they do anything to save each other?

That's all! Enjoy!

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