Queen's Book Club (PH)

Queen's Book Club (PH)

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"Not Bad Meaning Bad But Bad Meaning Good" By BlackStarPinky Updated May 21, 2016

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Book Cover by @ThisismememeXD

syntaethic- syntaethic- Feb 11
Username: jeonHeejin-
                              Title: Seenzoned
                              Spg parts: L
                              Parts: 7
                              Status: On going
XXMissGXX XXMissGXX May 21, 2016
Un: MicahCharishG
                              Title: Falling for the mafia boss
                              Genre: Romance
                              Spg parts: X
                              Parts: 41
                              Status: Ongoing
dreammmmy dreammmmy May 21, 2016
UN: dreammmmy
                              Title: When Trouble Meets Another Trouble
                              Genre: Humor
                              Spg parts: X
                              Parts: 10
                              Status: On-going
goldenheartstrings goldenheartstrings May 20, 2016
                              Para sa Ngiti ni Mr. Crush
DiannaVFaye DiannaVFaye Jun 08, 2016
Un: DiannaVFaye
                              Title: Roadtrip
                              Spg parts: X
                              Parts: 6
                              Status: on going
dearbias dearbias Jun 04, 2016
UN: xxRoyalHighnessxx
                              Title: You Are Mine
                              SPG Parts: L
                              Parts: 3
                              Status: Ongoing