The Darkness Within.®

The Darkness Within.®

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MarPhilMarsh By MarPhilMarsh Updated Mar 23, 2017

"What is the point of this world?" I seem to consistently ask this question although I've always had a cynical way of thinking. There is a God but I never bothered believing in the Devil unlike some fanatics putting fear into everyone so that they can become a believer as well. Which I always saw as ridiculous.

And here I was at the pit of despair, hearing a sweet offer from something I didn't understand "You see, there is no point to your life..." The ominous voice echoed in my head "So why don't you just let me in?" It said again. 

Was I going insane? Is this really happening, has all my suffering led to this? 

My only question I could ask is "Why me?"

Everyone has demons within, some more than others... But that's just a metaphor, right?


Warning: Contains violence, harsh language and sexual content +17 only.

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Monnie_albertus Monnie_albertus Jul 27, 2017
And I read it first so please give me credit. Cause I had ur phone, duh!