Dangerous Souls. (Larry Stylinson AU)

Dangerous Souls. (Larry Stylinson AU)

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Ammyyyyyyyyyyy By AmmanDirection Updated May 24, 2016

Two souls that should have never met, were able to meet each other was a miracle that took place on a special day. Their bond of blood is what keeps them both together and they will forever be stuck with each other.

In which, Louis Tomlinson the Son of the mafia boss and the prince of the most richest family finds Harry...a homeless orphan that lives in the slums and save his life in return for him saving his and that was the day it all change. A story about the bond of two souls that are entirely different but both very dangerous. With all the people trying to kill both of them and trying to separate them from each other.

The bond of the father  and the son will always be strong and it'll never be broken.

Because they will be together, until hellfire consumes them.

Contains violence.
Very confusing.
Has lots of flashbacks.
Breaking the fourth wall.
Completely random characters (except for 1D).
I'm too lazy to edit so it might have some typos.
Wrong grammars. (-.-)
And other stuff.

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