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LoveRose By _loverose Updated Apr 22, 2018

300 years ago, a war so merciless and destructive shook the earth. It saw the beginning of a new era, one in which all Jews were to be eliminated and the superior race of Aryan to rule over all.

Adina Hyde, a Jewish girl twisted by revenge and driven by the sheer determination of vengeance, finds herself involved in a notorious plan to infiltrate Nazi Headquarters in an attempt to serve justice. A keeper of many secrets and lies, trust is nearly impossible.

Christofer Dewitt, the stainless Nazi soldier, a successor to the title Führer, is a member of the celebrated Aryan race - the masters, the pure ones.  However hard he tries, he cannot justify the unforgiving actions wrought upon innocents or the countless executions carried out for thousands of people.

When they are forced into a shaky alliance, it is impossible to know whether their choices will endanger the other or bring down the crumbling walls surrounding them. Will they ever learn to  trust?


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a_ray_of_sunshine a_ray_of_sunshine May 29, 2018
Dangg I am hooked onto this book so far! I’ve never read historical fiction on Wattpad before, and this would be my first. I’m glad it is!
Your really descriptive with your writing!! I already love this book! 💕
Rosie_Posie1 Rosie_Posie1 Dec 01, 2017
Ahh this story is about the holocaust and WWII very interesting indeed!
Not gonna lie... I LOVE reading stories where the authors make the female main characters brave and confident! I LOVE this book! 💕
CrazyNightowlie CrazyNightowlie Mar 25, 2017
I should have been in bed by now but here I am reading your book😆😉
smahurin smahurin Feb 27, 2017
She hopes to be dragged into Nazi headquarters?! That's unexpected. Not the first place I'd like to be.