I'm sorry...   (Kyoyas Twin Sister) OHSHC Fanfic

I'm sorry... (Kyoyas Twin Sister) OHSHC Fanfic

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mitch By shameofmine Updated Aug 03, 2017

Its been seven years and that day still haunts my dreams. When will I see her again? When will my other half come back to me?


Ever wonder how kyoya became so cold and distant? Why he doesn't sleep and how he is constantly trying to be the best. 
Well its all because of one person so close to his heart, you could almost say they shared the same one...


I dont not own ouran high school host club. However I own kamika.

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Musicalnerd300 Musicalnerd300 Apr 20, 2017
HAHAHAHAHA I have to get up at 4:30 - 5:00. America, why did you make early morning choir practice and 0 period a thing?
_baby_anime_ _baby_anime_ Jul 25, 2017
For me school starts at 9:00, I wake up at 8:30 because I live across the road and don't waste time on make up or my hair... ok, I admit I only don't do them cause I'm too lazy, but whatever
fangirl-love fangirl-love Dec 01, 2016
Hahaha my school, starts at 9:30. I also live in Canada eh😀😂
shameofmine shameofmine Nov 13, 2016
Wow for me in south australia schools at 8:30 so I get up at 7:00 but I live down the road so its not really that far
AydoraJ AydoraJ Nov 28, 2016
As I read the word assassin I instantly thought of assassination classroom
Hikaruandkaoru101 Hikaruandkaoru101 Nov 15, 2016
You are my sunshine.
                              My only sunshine.
                              You make me happy,
                              When skies are grey.
                              You'll never know dear,
                              How much I love you.
                              Please dont take my sunshine