The Vision (Blake and Lucas 1)

The Vision (Blake and Lucas 1)

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Hi Folks!

Thank you for finding me! This is my FIRST completed novel so please comment where you feel comfortable. I value feedback and I know it will help me improve. This story is being edited very very slowly (I'm currently writing the second in the trilogy - The Rising). I apologise for this and all the errors in both books. A- I'm rubbish at editing my own work and B- this story has lived in my head since 2010. I finally found my voice and built the characters enough to bring them to life - I hope you'll love them as much as I do (of course Blake and Lucas are important to me but #teammalcolm is where it is really) and I really feel like I need to get the story out there before it dies in my mind.

Thanks to everyone. Love, vote and comment for Vision. #wattys2017

They needed to meet.

Save him.

Save him.

Save him.

The mantra repeated over and over. 

If he died so would all hope. 

Blake is a visionary - seeing things is in her nature tied to her very being. 
She doesn't know why.
She doesn't know how.
But it stops her from having any human interaction without being crippled by thoughts, emotions and history.

Along the way of discovery she found her brother and since the day they met they have been inseparable.  He sees her vulnerability and wants to help make sure she doesn't suffer. 

Until something happens that will change everything. Blake has a vision of her own death not too far in the future. Shaken up and scared the universe quickly sends her another vision of a man in trouble. 

Why would they do this? Tell her she is going to die and then send her on a path to save someone. Maybe he is her last quest, something to allow her into the good place. Or maybe he is just the guy who can save her from her own fate.

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