Wait, He's REAL?! (Reader X Levi) BOOK ONE *COMPLETE*

Wait, He's REAL?! (Reader X Levi) BOOK ONE *COMPLETE*

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Nerk Jesse By NamelessIsMe_41 Completed

Can a fiction character become real in this reality of ours?
Most especially, if its a character..that you love and obsess.
Not a celebrity. Not a actor. But a bloody fiction character.
I'm not the only one happy about this. Also, the shippers and fangirls might be glad about this.

Modern AU


Reader x Levi

Shut up, Paul
                              (i don't have a sister so yeaaah I'll use my brother's name)
OMG so many characters would be walking around my house if this were real!!
lunamiraxus lunamiraxus Oct 03
omg 😂😂 same
                              i cant even go to sleep without thinking
                              1 more then its still going 😂😂 relate?
Oh my gosh....do you know how awesome my life would be if this existed??????