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Stony Smut/fluff One Shots Book

Stony Smut/fluff One Shots Book

8.8K Reads 183 Votes 6 Part Story
Robin By Robin_TeenTitans Updated Jul 22, 2016

A book of Stony smut and fluff one shots! You can request anything you like!

Queens_of_fangirling Queens_of_fangirling May 30, 2016
Can we just take a moment... To appreciate this amazing writing?
Mr-Dad-Guy Mr-Dad-Guy May 20, 2016
This is beauty
                              This is grace
                              Tony just came 
                              On Steve's face!
                              I honestly loved this and may I request one?
skullwisher skullwisher May 25, 2016
lol tony is a butthead duh he knows who you are or he would   not be asking help with his phone or want you to cum on his face
BrendonUrieIsMyChild BrendonUrieIsMyChild Sep 06, 2016
Am I the only person who is scared here?
                              Btw I have read worse kinks than this but is steve a little cause that would make so much sense.
WintersxTemptress WintersxTemptress Jul 05, 2016
Fans herself. *mmmmmm yup I think next to my sticky porn I know have a stony porn bit forming.* she giggles to herself quietly. 
                              This was very good though.
Mr-Dad-Guy Mr-Dad-Guy May 20, 2016
Oh God, I'm so glad I saw your post on my newsfeed about this!