I'm Yours 3 The Final Dream

I'm Yours 3 The Final Dream

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XxWhiteYvonnexX By XxWhiteYvonnexX Updated 3 days ago

After the event 4 years ago,
Serena and Ash has become quite a happy couple.

But what happens when a certain Pokemon comes back with a large army of brainwashed trainers?

Will they ever be together? Or will faith pull them apart once again?

Oh and this is the third sequel of this book, so better make sure you have read the other two before you read this one.

The song "Dori Dori" is ACTUALLY a japanese Pokemon XY song for Pokemon showcases
Me: "She...looks...adorable."
                              Ash: "Agreed."
                              Me: "When and how did you get here!?"
                              Ash: "Just now and Red brought me."
                              Red: "..."
                              Me: "You brought him here!"
                              Red: "*nods*"
                              Me: "Why!"
                              Red: "*Shrugs*"
                              Me: "I give up!"
Now u made a prequel I'm yours had become a great trilogy how did I not find this book earlier
NOOO I NEED TEH CHAPTERS!!! (Not tryin to sound mean cuz u have a life and all)