Regrets || SasuNaru

Regrets || SasuNaru

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_yaoibunny_ By KawaiiAckerman Updated Sep 05, 2016

"He didn't deserved it, yet I inflicted it on him."
"I regret everything." 
"I didn't know why I did it." 
"I'm sorry." 

"I'm the cause of his death."

Disclaimer: Naruto doesn't belong to me, it belongs to Kishimoto!

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Yeah, you should! And Gaara better be right outside that house to comfort Naruto!!!
Okay, Sasugay *completely calm, smiles* *walks out of room* *listens to his screams* I guess he didn't notice when I shoved that explosive up his ass. Now for Sakura *picks up torture kit*
Do you hear that, Sasgay? Yeah, it's the sound of infinite fangirls loading their guns and picking up swords. Bye, nigga.
I warned you not to cross me Kurama. Well nigga, you WAAAAY over that line. YOU 'BOUT TO CATCH THESE HANDS!!
Then the world would be a dimmer place. Naruto, you are the world's sunshine. Without you, we'd all be sadder.
Don't worry naruto I'm here for u unlike saskue the scum on the bottom of my shoe.