Operation: Steal the Pinky's Heart (Various x Natsu)(BoyxBoy)(Short Hold)

Operation: Steal the Pinky's Heart (Various x Natsu)(BoyxBoy)(Short Hold)

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✿Hanahaki✿ By KayTheOtaku Updated Apr 04

Let's see...
Ever since Natsu's father, Igneel left without a trace. Natsu has been living all by himself. But one day a person who claims that he's related to his father barged in (well not really barged in, but, you know what i mean) on Natsu's doorsteps. And made Natsu live with him

Since then... Natsu has been living with 4 guys who are.... Well.... Currently fighting over the pinkette. The 4 idiots who are fighting over him are... Gray, Laxus, Sting and Jellal (shock?)

Who will Natsu end up with?! Let the Game commence!

Damn, i really suck at summaries.

I do not own Fairy Tail Hiro Trollshima (XD) owns it.

I just own the plot of this book. That's all. Thanks for choosing this book and hope you enjoy it!!

Happy Reading~

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