Mason's Impossible Prey

Mason's Impossible Prey

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Raneem Hasan By FreedomHasan Updated Nov 26

#18 in Werewolf 

Mason's Impossible Prey

Tiana Sparks, a girl who has a gift that many don't know.

A girl that's special and different. 

Unfortunately, some incident in her past makes her no longer desire a mate, a soulmate and someone to live the rest of her life with.

Little did she know that her life would make a drastic turn, pushing her away from the place she calls home.

And into a place called hell.

A place that's scream death and chaos.

 A place she'd hear in stories

And a place that an evil, bad Alpha rules.

What happens when stubborn Tiana runs into her mate, not a normal mate, but the Alpha that feels no remorse and mercy?

The Alpha that every parent would tell his story to their little ones to discipline them.

The Alpha who finds a stubborn girl walking into his pack as he tries to cover the scars of his past and show her who's in charge.

The Alpha that has a major reputation for being cruel and harsh; Mason wood.

For things are about to get impossible.


Current cover by: @happilylonely-

Trailers by: @rauhlgarden

Hold on if he said in the story he once turned 13 so he is 13 or older and she is 8 right now???? That doesn't sound right
c'mon man! you TRYIN' to have your kid have nightmares??? bro, that was not a good idea.
It's ICE CREAM. It is literally anyone worst nightmare come true. I dropped my ice cream on my trampoline and I freaking cried that day.
arialoveskpop arialoveskpop 12 hours ago
Omg😱😱 no wonder I couldn't understand it because it was written by you I suggest that you reread your story what a shame I'm so disappointed
rhon671 rhon671 Aug 23
Yes indeed such an awesome trailer! Since I'm done with RIMB which by the way I Loved it! On to this now 😉
but seriously. HE RUINED HER ICE CREAM. have some SYMPATHY. it's ice cream! I would cry! today I dropped my bacon and was on the verge of tears