Mason's Impossible Prey

Mason's Impossible Prey

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#2 in Werewolf 

Mason's Impossible Prey

"Soon, one day, I'm going to mark you here," he whispered, making my eyes widen. He licked that spot, making me gasp.

"Mark?" I whispered. 

He let out another deep chuckle, making my insides melt. "Yes, the werewolf term that makes you mine."

I gulped and gripped onto his shoulder, so I wouldn't drop on the ground from the overwhelming sensation.

"Yours?" I questioned, stupidly. He nodded his head and pulled his face from the crook of my neck, smiling down at me.

"Yes, mine. "

And with that, he crashed his lips onto mine.

Her life made a drastic turn

Pushing her into a place she calls hell

A place that screams death and chaos 

And a place making her the prey.

He found a stubborn girl walking into his pack

Making him cover the scars of his past 

Making him confused and different 

And making things even more impossible.


Current cover by: @happilylonely-

Trailers by: @rauhlgarden

Your a very good writer you caught my attention 😀😀😀
mockingbird1801 mockingbird1801 2 days ago
What is "weird" and "strange" to you. What's the point in telling this story by leaving out the most important part? If it's because you don't want to tell the reader, the whole prologue makes no sense at all because it doesn't set up the story.
aay_els aay_els 5 days ago
So if no one knows what really happened then the story he just told was b*llsh*t
aoibh736 aoibh736 a day ago
I just realised that I've read this book before. It's just a different cover now that it didn't click, until i started reading.
Ignite_786 Ignite_786 4 days ago
Well now I'm excited just like his wood will be later on.........................shame on me
mockingbird1801 mockingbird1801 2 days ago
Okay, he's not only a terrible father, unable to educate his daughter but also not capable of using the right form of the verb. If you start in simple past, finish in simple past.