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Romance RP

Romance RP

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SHSL Meme By Lilalinn Updated Oct 13, 2016

Ya'll know how it works already.
Yaoi (boy x boy) and Yuri (girl x girl) are allowed.

Mila calore 
                              Long wavy brown hair, tan skin, green eyes, full lips, slim, has a few tattoos, 5'5 
                              Honest, sarcastic, sweet, smart, strong on the outside feels alone on the inside
                              Likes reading, listening to music, sweet moments 
                              Dislikes annoying people, idiots, bullies, and failing
KATitku KATitku Nov 20, 2016
Name: Kai
                              Age: 17
                              Sexuality: Gay
                              Personality: Outgoing, funny, weird, bold, romantic
                              Likes: Sports, reading
                              Dislikes: Being judged
EmoboyAaron EmoboyAaron Nov 11, 2016
                              Personality:kind,loyal,flirty,playful, romantic,funny
                              Likes: sports and videogames
                              Dislikes: being cheated on,being told what to do,people who hate sports and videogames, being used and being lonely
AyeItsAnime AyeItsAnime Nov 10, 2016
Long,  blonde hair, blue eyes. Height is around 5'8. Always has a choker with a satan circle around her neck.
wretched-divine wretched-divine Nov 22, 2016
Name: Jace
                              Gender: Male
                              Age: 21
                              Personality: Charismatic, Manipulative, Perverted
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Likes: Reading, Piano, writing, music
                              Dislikes: crowds, annoying people, loud sounds
-Annie_Cat- -Annie_Cat- Nov 10, 2016
Name: Annie Grey
                              Age: 17
                              Gender: female
                              Sexuality: straight 
                              Looks: profile pic
                              Personality: sweet, energetic, but lonely
                              Likes: cats and stuffed animals
                              Dislikes: jerks
                              Other: Her mother died from childbirth and she was raised by her father and aunt. And she has an older sister