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Chasing the Moon (A Stiles Stilinski/Teen Wolf FanFiction) [1]

Chasing the Moon (A Stiles Stilinski/Teen Wolf FanFiction) [1]

736K Reads 17.7K Votes 25 Part Story
{ alyssa } By _hogwartian_ Completed

Emma Brisbane has been an outcast at Beacon Hills High ever since the accident that took her mother and sister's lives nearly three years ago. But when she notices unusual behavior by fellow classmate Scott McCall, she can't help but investigate. Once she realizes the truth she knows that it is her responsibility to share her mother's knowledge in the field of the supernatural. But Emma isn't doing this for Scott, but instead his sidekick, Stiles Stilinski. And once Emma proves that she is more than just a brain full of answers, she may be able to save the one she was trying to protect, just not the way she'd imagined.


Ngl I've read this book 827386 times and reading the first paragraph gets me emotional EVERY DAMN TIME. #stemma yo
What_It_Takes What_It_Takes Feb 12, 2016
This is random, like really random, but hey you, yeah person reading this. I like your profile picture.
marygbright marygbright Jul 31, 2016
It's weird saying that if she never talked to them, this wouldn't have happened. Now I'm thinking of her as someone walking in the background in the show, and this story shows what happens if she actually talked to the characters
                              Did that make any sense?
- - Mar 20, 2016
I love your stories! Thank you so so much for writing this amazing story! Someday you're gonna be a famous writer!
obliviatemendes obliviatemendes Jul 11, 2016
haven't watched teen wolf in around a year and i have kinda lost interest. however this book will always make me love teen wolf again lmao
-bxlesbilinski -bxlesbilinski Aug 19, 2016
I swear I’ve read this book like 18 times, and I still love it.