Divergent - Four's POV

Divergent - Four's POV

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Suddenly a girl drops down into the net and sits there for a moment, then starts laughing. We all reach our hands out to her, and she takes mine. I look at her and my breath catches. She’s wearing gray. She is Abnegation.
“Thank you,” she says to me.
I look at Lauren and surprise is painted on her face. She quickly hides it with a smirk and says, “Can’t believe it. A Stiff, the first to jump? Unheard of.”
“There’s a reason why she left them, Lauren,” I counter back. I looked at the girl again and studied her. She was small, with a narrow face, a thin, long nose, and blond hair and wide, blue eyes. Nothing special, but she was the first to jump, and that was special to me. “What’s your name?” I asked.
“Um…” She hesitates. I know why. Some Abnegation names just do not fit the Dauntless description. 
“Think about it,” I say, with trace of a smile on my face. “You don’t get to pick again.”
“Tris,” she says firmly. I’m surprised. It didn’t take her as long as it took me. 
“Tris,” Lauren repeats, a grin on her face. She looks at me. “Make the announcement, Four.”
I look over my shoulder and shout, “First jumper--Tris!” Everyone starts cheering and fist pumping, but then another girl drops down into the net, screaming. She’s from Candor, I realize immediately as I look at her black and white clothing. I study her quickly as everyone laughs and cheers. Dark skin, brown eyes, and short, brown hair. Pretty, I guess. But I am not thinking about her.
I place my hand firmly on the Tris’s back and say, “Welcome to Dauntless.”

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So much thought and effort went into this. Keep doing great and I wish you the best of luck with future books.
I haven't read that much of it, but I love it you're definetly going to make it big time!!!<3
I’m just gonna comment because everyone else is commenting😉
trash652 trash652 May 27
Veronica Roth already wrote a book and it's all Four's point of view.
Could You please take a look a book "Divergent High" I'm a new writer and would love some tips
OMG if anybody doesn't like this not pointing any fingers at trash652 is fudging just mean for sport cus this is an amazing story hope U make more 😈😄