Underneath It All

Underneath It All

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CodeNameBugsie By CodeNameBugsie Updated Jun 09, 2016

Shut underground for the last 22 years due to a harsh nuclear winter, Mia Sheehan hasn't seen the sun since the doors to the bunker had closed behind her. For their own survival,  over a thousand of her town's citizens shared the space with her, and together they had built a society that Mia, as the colony's investigator, had felt was secure and stable. 

Until the day the alarms sounded for the first time, and a fiery red-headed young women was grabbed from outside and pulled into the bunker...

Terra McKinnon claims she lives on the surface, having stumbled onto the bunker during a solo hiking trip. The idea of survivors living in the outer world shakes their people to the core, and cements the idea in the head of Mia's boss that Terra is a dangerous spy from another colony. But Mia is curious about Terra, and the believable story she tells. 

In an effort to rescue the woman she is drawn to, Mia puts her life and career on the line. She never expected to come to care for the woman, or be taken on the roller coaster ride of her life. But, It wasn't long before the colony turned toxic, and saving Terra meant she had to save herself as well.

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