Chanbaek: This Is Byun Baekhyun

Chanbaek: This Is Byun Baekhyun

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Serena Extase By senachristianne Updated Dec 28, 2016

A 25-year old successful businessman, Park Chanyeol keeps on seeing this park being crowded.

One day, he passed to the usual park where he usually passes by when he saw that kind of routine again. He passed there so many times but didn't dare to go and look what is it.

Just what is it.

fiddle-stix fiddle-stix Oct 25, 2016
This is not how you 'get someone' Chanyeol. What would your mother think?
SaimaJahan2 SaimaJahan2 Dec 09, 2016
It just went from 0-90 real quick.....there's a reason I didn't say 100 lol..
-BitterLies- -BitterLies- Dec 22, 2016
Yea naming a Parrot Taozi is sooo weird like pffffttt wtf who does that?
_yusshi _yusshi Dec 21, 2016
this is kidnapping i deserve to punch his lips, using my lips.
NopiNopiBaepsae NopiNopiBaepsae Nov 25, 2016
This is what my teacher said when I was walking home from school once and she spotted me 😂😂😂
-BitterLies- -BitterLies- Dec 22, 2016
Me: Chanyeol don't do that
                              Chanyeol: Pls he's fine as fuckk
                              Me: fine, collect your cum dumpster and 🏃 shitt face.