King For A Day // Kellic

King For A Day // Kellic

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Vic Fuentes is your average 17 year old. He has his tiny group of friends that he usually always hangs out with. Throw in the new kid from next door, Kellin Quinn. Vic is head over heels for him.

Kellin Quinn is nothing near average. He is nothing near normal either. He hides a dark secret, him being a vampire. His mom and sister are normal humans, thinking Kellin is some animal. They all moved from Orlando, Florida to San Diego, California. With a new city comes a new school. But Kellin has a interest in the short Mexican punk kid, Vic Fuentes. 

Will Kellin keep his dark secret from Vic? Or will someone get their revenge?

[vampire au]

[this is cringy and i hate this sorry for the pain]

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i'm 98% sure the video is filmed in the uk so I love it even more
my room is so small that i can only fit a bed and nightstand in it xD
Fun fact: When I didn't want to hear my parents anymore on the long car ride to my new home, I listened to Cheers xD
Oml. Every picture of him always makes me fangirling. Every pictures makes him look hotter and hotter *^* and i've known about him for 3 years.. cx
Kellin Hush, your face kills me (in a good way) *baddum tss*
I'll stab her for you, Kells, then you can have all her blood lmao