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Natalie By EveOmega Completed

Warning: This does contain graphic rape, violence, language, and torture. Don't read if you don't like! Otherwise, enjoy the story!

Thalia is a normal 19 year old girl living a normal life in the big city, that is up until she is kidnapped by four monsters and her world turns upside down. Fighting to survive through her captivity, Thalia learns several new things about herself. Like the fact that she might not be entirely what she thought she was and why her kidnappers chose to kidnap her of all people. Follow this story of Thalia as she endures hell and harrows though it to find out the truth about herself.

	"Do you live here alone?" He asked raising his eyebrows.
	"Yes..." I squeaked out, barely managing a whisper.
	He smiled. "Good." He said in a pleased tone and my eyebrows came together in confusion as I tried to process his words in my head.
	Before I could ask about his response, I saw him move behind me quickly and place something soft and white over my mouth and nose as he pulled me close to him.
	I struggled in futile attempts to push his hand away from my mouth, but only for a second before I felt the awful pain and need to breathe hit my chest.

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Why would you let a stranger ? Also if you feel that something is off you should trust that feeling
kayloubuz kayloubuz Dec 29, 2017
wow she’s in every Wattpad cast possible she must get herself in a lot of situations jfc
She should’ve faked blacking out instead of inhaling the chloroform
Dude I would've literally said, "Go to someone else's place CREEP!" And then shut the door.
waifutails waifutails Oct 29, 2017
We all think shes dumb for letting him in , but lets be honest most of use would to BAAHAHA
kayloubuz kayloubuz Dec 29, 2017
If a strange man asks you if you live alone, don’t fûcking tell him. Bitch never seen taken?