A Bet With The Devils

A Bet With The Devils

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"They all eventually end up falling" Alex adds and I smirk. 

"Not me" 

"Are you saying you're not going to fall for any of us?" Josh joins. 


"We should make this intresting" Vinny talks "if you fall for one of us, we bang you" 

After her parents sent her out of state to finish her senior year of high school, Elliana finds herself living with the towns three biggest players, Vincent (Vinny) Halls the town's bad boy; Josh Summers the sexy genius; Alex Gordian the All-star athlete.

Three Devils. One Girl. One Bet. 

All Fair In Love and War.

Trailer by @WeAreYoungES: https://youtu.be/vk3Y74LLBQ0

Am I suppose to pretend I'm human...because I'm actually a hybrid...
                              ITS EVEN HARDER TO PICTURE
                              THAT YOU'RE NOT HERE NEXT TO ME
Im am strong i do waights every day(the weights are chips that i lift to my mouth)
Mooshorange Mooshorange Sep 10
I like to call them Brian. They're a jerk. I'm not (usually) but they are.
Mooshorange Mooshorange Sep 10
That drugs are bad, the internet scary, people are judgemental and life is stupid.
Mooshorange Mooshorange Sep 10
Am I human? I'm pretty messed up and weird. This sentence can really make you think, huh?