Cover Your Tracks [HS]

Cover Your Tracks [HS]

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Daughter of the small town's very own Chief of Police, freedom is something Lyza yearns for. To graduate is to finally break free from the shackles that bind her to a life she no longer wishes to live. Thrust into the last place she belongs, Lyza comes face to face with something entirely unknown: a man emerging from shadows to come and overpower everything she has ever known, vowing to show her the other side to the world.

The very one her father pledged to always protect her from.

Soon, the life she set out for herself is thrown out of reach. Torn between the man that binds her and the one that wishes to set her free, Lyza realizes that cutting ties is harder than it seems. When the ground she clings so tightly to comes falling out from under her feet, she's forced to make a decision. One bound to consequences, one that is sure to haunt her.

A choice made to regret . . . forever.

perfectlunacy perfectlunacy Sep 03, 2016
I can go for 7 hours without eating but I've been trying to avoid doing that. But the need to eat just doesn't rush to me, I forget about it.
AveragePhil AveragePhil Aug 19, 2016
One of the first books I've ever read, it's perfection 👌🏼
For anyone who thinks tht CYT isn't for them trust me it definitely is. I've read this book twice now and every time it gets me locked to it. This isn't a book to just flick past. It's absolutely wonderful.
AutumnftLarry AutumnftLarry Aug 30, 2016
If I wrote that and my teacher read it she would send me straight to a counselor.
dancer4life1115 dancer4life1115 Sep 03, 2016
I sit in the single seat on my bus since I'm the only senior on my bus
Exotic_Black_Rose Exotic_Black_Rose Nov 01, 2016
Omfg I LOVE the trailer. I'm actually excited to read this!!