Harry Potter's Older Sister (A Fred Weasley Love Story)

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Lillian By LillianMikaelson Updated 3 years ago
Rebecca Lilly Potter likes to be called Becca  knew her parent fateley but never knew she had a little brother till now
    Fred Weasley the funloving twin loves doing dares, that Becca comes up with,will do anything to be with Becca.
    Will  Becca love Fred... or will their friendship go down hill to the point they wont even talk to eachother... after Fred said he loves Becca
i just started reading this story and notice a mistake James Phelps is playing Fred Weasley and Oliver Phelps is playing George Weasley.... but i love story it quite cool!! <3
Hayley Williams is a great Becca :) Love that girl and by the way, Avril Lavigne Rocks!!! :)
This is really really good olease write more and read my harry potter stories i have
                                    -harrys twin
                                    -harrys big sister
                                    -after the war
                                    - the three potters
                                    -19 years later