LZR-1143: Infection (A Zombie Novel)

LZR-1143: Infection (A Zombie Novel)

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Bryan James By bryanjames1143 Updated Jul 11

When the undead roam the earth, "insane" is a relative term.
Mike was a washed-up action hero, thrown to the mercy of fate when he was convicted of murder and sentenced to languish in an insane asylum until the end of his days. He just never expected that he would emerge during the end of all days. 
In the chaos of the unfolding apocalypse, he and his friends must fight to survive against the hordes of the living dead and find his way to safety, all while struggling to regain the memories of a past life that might hold the key to the future. 

Some reader comments...

"A tight, well-woven story ... This book is amazing! Well written, fully captivating, believable and impossible to put down ... Be prepared to get hooked! By far the best franchise zombie series... It was well-written and the hero was fantastically original. From the minute I fired up my kindle, your story was a suspenseful, creepy, action packed, plenty humorous, and very fun ride... A must-read for the zombie fan...One of the best zombie books I've read."
Join hundreds of thousands of readers in an action-packed journey through the horrors of the zombie apocalypse, through the eyes of the most irreverent and sarcastic hero ever to swing an axe at the walking dead.
LZR-1143: Infection is the first in this exciting series, followed by LZR-1143: Evolution, LZR-1143: Redemption, and LZR-1143:Desolation.

Great wording ! Can't wait to read 32 amazing chapters of amazingness ❤️
The constant hammering...that might be zombies banging on the door trying to get in
EmTheScot_1 EmTheScot_1 Jun 30
I LOVE this book! It's so intriging and I cant wait to read more!! :)
I like how good the grammar is in this book... I can't say the same for most wattpad books, it seems. This book is super good either way! ;)
Asioli Asioli Aug 28
That's ironic because the main character in my book is CALLED LAZYRUS
I'm craving Jamaican curry chicken right now just putting that out their