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Two_Ships By Two_Ships Updated Jan 27, 2017

Two Behemoth warships collide in orbit. 

The entangled ships are slowly circling an unknown planet, although unknown becomes a pretty common word when one of the ship's crew wakes up post crash with no memories.
Are the two crews supposed to be enemies or allies? Their entangled ships are due to tumble out of orbit and crash into the planets surface in barely two weeks. Two weeks to discover their pasts to save their futures.

Slowly they begin to realise that they are part of something bigger. What does this crash have to do with the fabled leader of the Resistance, the Watchmaker?

  • aliens
  • apocalypse
  • crash
  • gravity
  • memory
  • mystery
  • orbit
  • planet
  • sci-fi
  • scifi
  • ship
sir-_-quacksalot sir-_-quacksalot Nov 01, 2015
@twoships haha mate, what took you so long? Good to see you^_^
Two_Ships Two_Ships Nov 01, 2015
Haha, it's NaNoWriMo! What a time to start up again. I'm going to be rewriting/improving it chapter by chapter this month.
jayhalden jayhalden Nov 01, 2015
Almost one year later, brush off the dust. Glad to see it back.
StephenLandry StephenLandry Jan 07, 2015
Great start I look forward to reading more! Awesome premise.
NotoriousPUG NotoriousPUG Jul 17, 2014
Awesome story, really grips you at the start! It's got a sweet backstory and I can picture the scenes in my mind! Well done!
Two_Ships Two_Ships Jul 13, 2014
@Tristboy who doesn't. If only I could wear one in everyday life..