You Are REjeCTeD!

You Are REjeCTeD!

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fàşĺöññ_ñèhü By Dazzling_nehu Updated Jul 07

The story of two bestie's 
Their Ego towards their soulmate's 

A blessed couple Ayeza & Emir, who actually has crush on eachother since childhood gets married but things don't workout! 
Why? And will the story of them ends with the cube of Ego between them?   #Checkout 

Naila, A studious and ambitious girl gets married (leaving her studies in between) to a rich but practising Muslim but less educated Businessman Wahab! Will things workout? But Wahab feel for Naila as soon as he enters his puberty and she was always that only one dreamgirl she always dreamt about. Then why things went bitter? #Checkout 

Read the beautiful story of two naughty but sweet Indian couples!

/I write for myself. Haters backout. Criticism not allowed.\

SameerSammo SameerSammo May 06
Oh oh oh....!!!! Masha Allah nyc start.... I wasn't expected lyk ds typ of strt... nw feeling it'll gng to b mst effective work then d lst one.... Nd also ur questions made me to throw myself in a deep thinking... once again nyc wrk....
SameerSammo SameerSammo May 06
Walekumassalam warahmatullah wa barkatahu.... Hpe ds stry wl also b a rocking one lyk d older one of urs.....😄💞
Rainbowblooms7 Rainbowblooms7 Jun 21, 2016
Walaykum as salam sisi..I'm full satisfied from your all character truly.. NYC choice 😍😄👌👌👍👍
Guzel22me Guzel22me May 20, 2016
I liked it , the presentation also made me want to read the rest ...
annforever416 annforever416 May 19, 2016
The story is good and with a good plot. The characters comes from the different faces of life. I wanna know how they gonna deal when fate knock at their doors. Keep it up.
lovelyafrin lovelyafrin May 20, 2016
Mashallah...amazing prologue nehadhi...this book is gonna be interesting...jazaakallah khair..❤️❤️😘😍