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Rock Bottom [[Boku no Hero Academia Fan Fic]

Rock Bottom [[Boku no Hero Academia Fan Fic]

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D̴ ̧E̷̶͞͞͠ ҉̷̡̀͜S͏҉̷ ͞͡T҉̕͡ ̴̛R̨̛̕͝ ̵̡̨O̴̧̨͢͜ ̸̛̀Ỳ̡̨̨͘ ͢͜͏ By -horonigai- Updated Jun 08

She used to be so confident. She used to be open to everyone. But ever since she was sent away to an unknown place at age of five and staying there for nine years. She learned people can't always be equal. She who used to be a child filled with hope and dreams for her own life and future, she's now that teen in the corner of their room, smiling with dull eyes.

undergoing on a strange way of editing

HA BITCH BUUUUUUUURRRRRRNNN!!! BURN BABY BURN! ITS INFERNO!! BURRRRRRNNN BABY BUURN!!~ (I don't even know if those are the correct lyrics)
Reminds me of Mukuro from KHR
THE ANSWER IS FREAKING OBVIOUS. OF COURSE NOT. why would you send your child to a LABORATORY where she was FORCED to be stable. What did her mother expect? Rainbows and Unicorns? 😑
Ha, joke's on you, Kacchan, you ain't the main character in THIS story XD
winxqueens winxqueens Jun 18
I dont even kno how old my siblings are or their bdays except my big sister cuz its on new years. If this was me u should be grateful if i manage to remember u
Glad you know, cause your her father after all! She must have got all her looks from you😂