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Rock Bottom [[Boku no Hero Academia Fan Fic]

Rock Bottom [[Boku no Hero Academia Fan Fic]

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bitter yet sweet By YourBasicDandere Updated 3 days ago

She used to be so confident. She used to be open to everyone. But ever since she was sent away to an unknown place at age of five and staying there for nine years. She learned people can't always be equal. She who used to be a child filled with hope and dreams for her own life and future, she's now that teen in the corner of their room, smiling with dull eyes.

llama_freakk llama_freakk Sep 09, 2016
I'm already contemplating whether or not I should throw hands
Okay, I'm sitting here wondering why she's contemplating whether sending her young asf daughter to a laboratory in another country to force her to do something is right, OFC IT'S NAWT YAH FREAK!
Prism_Sky Prism_Sky Nov 15, 2016
surprised there isn't any sand quirks.
                              or puppet quirks...
                              but thats just plain dirty >D
Prism_Sky Prism_Sky Nov 15, 2016
                              i just skipped past it cuz like that would be like spoilers no?
                              anyways, when i skipped it was when i saw what the father said.
                              "still ugly though,"
                              and i was like...
                              at least she isn't such a vile creature like yourself.
anime_4_u anime_4_u Dec 01, 2016
not the right time to possess someone  Naruto... believe it.