Once Upon A Quote

Once Upon A Quote

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Mariam Elazab By Mariam_elazab11 Updated 5 days ago

Quotes...quotes...quotes! I love quotes ;)
Mainly, quotes about the beautiful religion Islam... and islam teaches us how to live a peaceful, simple, patient, successful life! 
Allah (swt) teaches us through His book (Quran)and His beloved messengers! 

Our prophets and messengers have taught their generation the teachings of Islam... and they have been passed on with every generation...written in books and stored in minds! Some people have been gifted with oustanding knowledge...

 People who have memorised the whole quran by heart and act upon it...people who read heaps of books and can just about answer any question about their perfect religion! At this point, they are called ('olamaa), (Sheikhs) or (imams)! Using their knowledge, experience and skills, they manage to give us beautiful advise... quotes!

Some people, though prefer to stay anonymous... for many reasons! Therefore, when i post one of their quotes i will write (~unknown)Other that, i will mention the source, of course!

SubhanAllah! That's so true!💖I hope to especially see my parents in'shaa'Allah! Live them
iimanmaeen iimanmaeen Aug 01
Remember me and @TayyabaIqbal r gonna spam ur notification 😂😂
Same here, it's so coincidence that I love quotes so much ;)