Sketches V.S Glitches (Ink Sans x Reader x Error Sans)

Sketches V.S Glitches (Ink Sans x Reader x Error Sans)

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Undertale_Fan101 By Madison-hedgefox Completed

Decided to make this little story x3 This story will have a 2 path ending. 
1. Ink Sans path
2. Error Sans Path

You get to decide who you want :3 

Enjoy~ ♡♡♡

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  • errortale
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Y/N:  Actually 6 humans before me have fallen and lived her so technically speaking that's False information....
                              Ink:  How do you know about that?
                              Y/N:  *dose jazz hands*. THE FANDOM
*Glances at Asgore standing next to the six human souls* Yeahhhhh
I'm gonna be in a class of my own...I'm gonna be wearing the clothes as betty ! 
                              Commenters : Go Maia ! Go maia
SinChoild SinChoild May 08
Hey that's not funny...
                              ITS HILARIOUS
underswapfan12345 underswapfan12345 3 days ago
Me:*says while falling into the whole* FLOWEY HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEEEeeeee
TheMoonTribe TheMoonTribe Jul 22, 2016
Oh god... if I'm 5'11" (5 feet 11 inches) then that means that ink sans would be about 5'11" 6'0" 0.0