Sketches V.S Glitches (Ink Sans x Reader x Error Sans)

Sketches V.S Glitches (Ink Sans x Reader x Error Sans)

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Undertale_Fan101 By Madison-hedgefox Completed

Decided to make this little story x3 This story will have a 2 path ending. 
1. Ink Sans path
2. Error Sans Path

You get to decide who you want :3 

Enjoy~ ♡♡♡

  • adventure
  • errortale
  • inktale
  • romance
  • violencemaybe
Candygirl5576 Candygirl5576 Sep 16, 2017
Y/N:  Actually 6 humans before me have fallen and lived her so technically speaking that's False information....
                              Ink:  How do you know about that?
                              Y/N:  *dose jazz hands*. THE FANDOM
CartoonCrushCentral CartoonCrushCentral Nov 04, 2017
*Glances at Asgore standing next to the six human souls* Yeahhhhh
Maiathewriter49 Maiathewriter49 Jul 11, 2017
I'm gonna be in a class of my own...I'm gonna be wearing the clothes as betty ! 
                              Commenters : Go Maia ! Go maia
I think it’s funny how Ink is supposedly the smallest Sans and he’s still taller than us.
SinChoild SinChoild May 08, 2017
Hey that's not funny...
                              ITS HILARIOUS
_Swap_Papyrus_ _Swap_Papyrus_ Dec 17, 2017
The only reason why im reading this book is because curiousity took over :P