Sketches V.S Glitches (Ink Sans x Reader x Error Sans)

Sketches V.S Glitches (Ink Sans x Reader x Error Sans)

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Undertale_Fan101 By Madison-hedgefox Completed

Decided to make this little story x3 This story will have a 2 path ending. 
1. Ink Sans path
2. Error Sans Path

You get to decide who you want :3 

Enjoy~ ♡♡♡

Oh god... if I'm 5'11" (5 feet 11 inches) then that means that ink sans would be about 5'11" 6'0" 0.0
May is NOT my only friend
                              I have Steve, Barry, and The Doctor
Lets go rob your corpse May. It always makes me feel better about shamelessly leading a person to their inevitable death.
Quick tip: Every time somebody starts a speach sentance, start a new paragraph.
Dead May be like
                              "THATS MY NECKLACE BISH"
                              "YOU ROBBING A DEAD PERSON BISH"
                              "EVER HEARD OF RESPECT FOR THE DEAD BISH"
Just a suggestion: It would be a way more enjoyable story if you added paragraphs, proper grammar, punctuation and not so much appearance detail.